‘Be Tlou’ Al Rouh’ Gets Accused of Being Copied From an American Movie

‘Be Tlou Al Rouh’ creator Mohamed Hisham Obeya, responded to rumors claiming that his series has been copied from the American movie ‘Not Without My Daughter’.

Obeya said in a statement, ‘I have heard those rumors when the first episode of ‘Be Tlou Al Rouh’ was released, and from what I have heard of the movie ‘Not Without My Daughter’ which I have not seen so far, the ideas of the two projects are close.

‘The theme of the movies is to move from the normal world into a more closed one, as in the American movie, the closed world was Iran, however, in ‘Be Tlou Al Rouh’ the closed world is portrayed in the city of Raqqa which was ISIS’ base.

Mohammed Hisham stated that closed societies are similar to one another, confirming that his series is not based on the movie which was released back in 1991, as Hisham clarified that scenes in his series were raw and based on true events

 Obayya added: “The idea is how to deal with ideas that may be similar, whether from the depth of the characters or their construction.”

‘Not Without My Daughter’ which stars American actress Sally Field, portrays an American woman named Betty Mahmoody, who is deceived by her husband and lured to Iran, where she is abused and tries to escape.

The series itself was also accused of stealing aspects of the Swedish series Caliphate, which was shown in 2020, and achieved great success.

One of the stories of this series revolves around “Pervin”, a young Muslim woman from Sweden who lives under ISIS control in Raqqa, Syria, with her husband, a member of the organization, Husam, and their newborn daughter, Latifa, who in turn is trying to escape and return to Sweden.

The series ‘Be Tlou Al Rouh’ includes many nationalities in the cast, whether from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and was filmed in a number of countries, but the bulk of it was filmed in Lebanon.

The cast consists of Menna Shalaby, Ilham Shaheen, Mohamed Hatem, Ahmed Salah Al-Saadani, Diamond Abboud, Adel Karam, written by Mohamed Hisham Obeya, and directed by Kamila Abu Zekry.

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