BBC Plans to Show How Teens Can Carry Out ‘DIY’ Gender Changes

The BBC is planning to screen a documentary showing how teenagers could carry out ‘DIY’ gender changes.

The BBC Three film, ‘DIY Trans Teens’, will publicise the work of a doctor who has been struck off in the UK and now operates an online firm overseas that offers gender-change drugs to people in the UK.

In December, the High Court said the effects of the drugs were unknown and may include long-term harm, meaning it was very unlikely that children could give informed consent to their use.

That ruling led to warnings that vulnerable youngsters will try to access hormone drugs online, potentially exposing themselves to lasting damage.

Despite such worries, the BBC is planning to screen the DIY trans film – showing how drugs are obtained online from abroad.

BBC publicity material for the show confirms it will offer examples of people obtaining unregulated drugs via the internet.

It says: ‘Trans activist Charlie Craggs meets trans teenagers who are getting unregulated hormones online and starting their own transitions without medical intervention.

‘Charlie meets a doctor who has been struck off in relation to her work with trans patients and a lawyer who is launching a case in the High Court on behalf of a 14-year-old who has been waiting over a year for his first appointment with the NHS.’

The doctor is understood to be Helen Webberley who runs a company called Gender GP, which uses a website outside the UK to offer hormone drugs to people in Britain.

Webberley’s medical licence has been suspended and in 2018 she was fined £12,000 for illegally providing healthcare services from her home in Wales.

The BBC had initially planned to start screening the DIY Trans Teens documentary on January 26.

All references to the show were removed from the Corporation’s website last week after attracting attention on social media.

However, a BBC spokesman said the programme will still go ahead in due course: ‘The programme isn’t finished yet so will air at a later date – the programme page and [transmission date] were taken down as a result of this.’

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