Batman Spreads Awareness of the Deadly Coronavirus in Mexico

Batman Spreads Awareness of the Deadly Coronavirus in Mexico

Batman has always taken on the challenge of battling crime, but he’s now got a bigger task on his hands.

An unidentified man dressed as the Caped Crusader’s is spreading awareness of the deadly coronavirus in Monterrey, a city in the northeastern Mexican border state Nuevo León.

Mexico’s version of Bruce Wayne is driving around in a replica version of the Batmobile, similar to the one that appeared in the Dark Knight trilogy

His message is clear and simple – stay home.

‘I alone can’t do the job,’ he says in a prerecorded message played from his vehicle’s speakers. ‘Hey, you inside that home, try to come out as little as possible and together we’ll be superheroes against the coronavirus.’

The concerned man questioned why families continue to put themselves at risk, especially children, by wandering around the streets of Monterrey despite warnings from health officials.

‘I call to all of Nuevo León that I alone cannot cope with this situation. Join us as superheroes, stay home,’ he told Mexican news outlet Tele Diario this weekend. ‘I understand that the situation is complicated, that people are desperate, that it is very hot.’

He recommends people are better off ‘turning the TV on… that they take advantage of the opportunity to spending time with their children’ instead of venturing out in  public and possibly getting infected with the virus and spreading it to others.

The masked superhero is not alone in his quest to stem the outbreak of the global pandemic in his homeland.

The governors of Nuevo León, Coahuila and Tamaulipas, whose states border with Texas, called on the federal government to impose strict measures on travelers from the United States that enter their states ahead of Holy Week.

The three northern states expect a large influx of Mexican natives as well as American citizens who will return to Mexico to spend the holiday with their loved ones and to vacation there instead of observing social distancing measures recommend by health experts.

The United States has banned non-essential travel via its borders with Canada and Mexico because of the coronavirus.

All three governors met last Friday and called on Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to shut down the border for the time being.

‘We don’t have the authority of closing the border. But he can,’ said Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, the governor of Nuevo León.

As of Tuesday, the government had logged 28 deaths and 1,094 sickened people because of COVID-19.

Globally, the virus has killed 41,261 people and infected 846,156.

On Monday, Mexico declared a health emergency and issued stricter rules aimed at containing the fast-spreading coronavirus.

The new measures to fight the virus include a reduction of the number of people who can gather to 50 and an extension of a previously announced suspension of non-essential activities.

‘This applies – strictly – to people older than 60 years, those who have hypertension, diabetes or are pregnant, regardless whether their jobs are considered essential,’ said Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

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