Basil Khayat to Star in an Arabic Version of a Turkish Series

Syrian artist, Basil Khayat, is preparing to play the lead role in a new Arab series called “Alf Leila Wa Leila”, which is the Arabic version of the famous Turkish series “Wa Yabqa Al Hob”, which was aired in 2008.

Wa Yabqa Al Hob remains one of the Turkish works that achieved great popularity, and co-starring Khaled Ergenc and Bergüzar Korel, who married in 2009 after a love story that brought them together at work and extended to reality, and they share three children.

Alf Leila Wa Leila, taken from the famous Turkish work, will feature Lebanese actress Razan Jamal, Nicolas Moawad, Sarah Abi Kanaan, Rafiq Ali Ahmed, Vivian Antonios and many others.

The story of the series Arabic series revolves around a young widow, Scheherazade, who embodied her role in the Turkish version, the star and Bergüzar Korel, Scheherazade loses her husband in a car accident, leaving her raising her only child alone.

The child ends up growing up his family refuses to talk to him amid getting married without their approval.

Soon after,  he gets diagnosed with  leukemia, with his mother Scheherazade’s trying to find a way to be able to afford treatment.

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