Balkoon launches online music show “Cube Sessions”

Wadad Hachichou


Balkoon media announces the launch of their new “Cube Sessions” show dedicated to alternative and independent music coming from the Arab world on Friday, May 8th.


Our region is rich and diverse; yet our youth is struggling with identity, constantly searching for today’s and tomorrow’s self.


“This mix of cultures and identities have often been used to create borders across the region whereas music and art have defied this, they are expressed freely and allow us to connect and relate with each other.” Said Dany Chamoun (Co-Founder & Producer / Balkoon)


What brings us together when walls and borders separate us?

What is home when we are in constant physical, political and cultural exile?

What is culture when the mainstream becomes the norm and we are stuck in the underground?


The cube sessions are our way to think about these questions. To mirror ourselves in a format that is, although contained in a cube, open to interact with elements around it, chosen by the artists themselves, to share intimate moments performingmusic.

Music from the Arab region created by independent artistsand introduced to an international audience through digital means is the language we chose.


Arts & Culture Consultant / Backforward Rasha Salah said:

“From Mauritania, to Beirut and Ramallah, to the Sahara and the Kabilyi. I believe that the Cube sessions may be the platform that would connect this richness and beauty of the so many instruments and voices of mountains, coasts and deserts.”


Live performances and interviews will be published on Balkoon’s channels on all social media and streaming platforms, where people can experience not only the artists’music but their whole environment filmed in the most cinematic form.


“It’s time to create content that literally frames our most original, authentic and relevant artists all around this incredibly diverse and versatile region as oppose to mediocre unrepresentative commercial exports.” Added Samah El Kadi(Co-Founder & Director / Balkoon)


The first roaster of content will include musicians such as Muhammad Abdullah from El Morabba3 (Palestine/Jordan), Adonis Band (Lebanon), Zeid Hamdan (Lebanon), Lynn Adib (Syria), Tanjaret Daghet (Syria) and more to come.


“The performances are live, soulful, one take, unedited, fair and square. Shot in their purest form of expression, everything I love about our regional music scene concentrated in a cube!” This is how Zeid Hamdan (Music Producer & Supervisor / Cube Sessions) describes the performances.

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