Baht Oyunu Episode 6: Will Ada Reveal Her Past to Bora?

The 6th episode of Baht Oyunu (Baht Game / Twist of Fate) show has been broadcast to viewers last night, and attracted great attention in Turkey, to the point that it was the most searched topic in the country, with more than 100k searches.

Internet users were looking for a way to watch the full 6th episode of Baht Oyunu, Kanal D’s phenomenon series, which also involved so many romantic moments.

Summary of the 6th episode of Baht Oyunu

Celal, played by Osman Cavci, was trying to find out the source of the white marriage letter, he also wanted to visit the company and talk to Tuğçe, played by Asli Sümen.

When Celal can’t find Tuğçe, he meets Bora, played by Aytaç Sasmaz.

What Celal does not know, which increases his visits to the company, is that Ada and Rüzgar, played by Idris Nebi Taskan, are working there.

The team – where they work – decides to go to a relationship camp to create a new article.

BoraAdaTuğçe and Rüzgar attend the relationship camp for two days and observe the overall atmosphere.

Meanwhile, little jealousy arises between Bora and Ada, who go to the camp as a couple, but Ada has pangs of conscience for not being honest with Bora, and decides to tell the truth.

Will Ada gather her courage and confess her past to Rüzgar to Bora in the next episode?

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