Bahraini ‘Royal’ Artist Rashid Al-Khalifa Opens Exhibit in Dubai

“Spectrum, Parametrics and Hybrids” a new solo exhibition by Bahraini artist Rashid Al-Khalifa opened Nov. 24 at the Opera Gallery in Dubai International Financial Centre and is running until Dec. 31. Here are some highlights  from the five-week-long exhibition.

‘Spectrum IV’

Al-Khalifa, a member of the Bahraini royal family, uses his work as “a contemporary tribute to traditional Middle Eastern design.” His “Spectrum” series, according to the show catalogue, “considers the ‘rules of repetition’ in Islamic art … (which) creates the illusion of infinity.” Al-Khalifa takes these rules and applies them to “structural attributes that are reminiscent of contemporary Arab architecture.”

‘Green Parametric’

In his ongoing “Parametrics” series, Al-Khalifa incorporates a number of Islamic patterns that are prevalent throughout Bahraini culture, particularly those incorporated into Gulf architecture, such as the projecting ‘mashrabiya’ window. These works are built on “opposing yet complementary forces, representing the artist’s research of order and symmetry.”

‘Spherical Compression in Grey’

The mostly featureless “Hybrids” series sees Al-Khalifa deliberately excluding “the pictorial and fictive aspect of his narrative in favor of literal and sculptural concerns.” He paints using matt enamel on an aluminum surface, and the minimal detail, he hopes “elicits a sense of peace and satisfaction” on the part of the viewer.

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