Baby Bull Barney Becomes Local Celebrity After Sporting Knitted Earmuffs

Baby Bull Barney Becomes Local Celebrity After Sporting Knitted Earmuffs

A baby bull has become a local celebrity after he was sporting knitted ear muffs to help with his weak immune system.

The calf, called Barney, was one of two Welsh black cattle twins to be born at The Bug Farm near St David’s, Wales, in September.

Now, at five months old, he has become a star after modelling a pair of ear-muffs to help him fend off pneumonia.

Barney’s mother, Annie, had originally abandoned the newborn because she only had enough milk to rear one of her offspring.

He was found a short time later but was suffering from a weak immune system because he had not been receiving the antibody-rich colostrum from his mother.

Usually, calves who have not had colostrum in the 24 hours after birth will die.

Sarah Beynon, the owner of The Bug Farm, began to bottle feed the newborn.

Barney was constantly battling with pneumonia for the first few weeks of his life which, on several occasions, nearly killed him.

Eventually he was accepted again by his 12-year-old mother but he continues to be bottle fed twice a day.

Barney still suffers with medical problems related to his weak immune system and so volunteers at Big Momma’s Knits made him his own pair of hand-knitted ‘moo muffs’ to cover his ears and keep him ‘cosy and warm’.

A spokesperson from the farm said: ‘Barney loves wearing his Moo Muffs, but his brother Noah likes to eat them!

‘Barney and Noah will live with us here for their whole lives as our friends and we look forward to sharing their adventures with the world to help people learn more about farm life and just how extraordinary cows are.’

Barney was recently trending on Twitter under #unlovedcalf.

But it became so popular that Sarah recently set up his very own Instagram account, @muchlovedcalf, which already has nearly 150 followers.

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