Assi El-Hellani Talks About The Rare Disease he Suffered

Assi El-Hellani recently revealed the details of the disease he has been battling for years that caused his face to swell and causing him to undergo a number of surgeries.

Assi who’s real name is Mohammed Muzen El Hallani, said during his hosting of the “40” program, with the media personality Jessica Azar, that he was suffering from “avascular necrosis” known as “bone necrosis”.

The singer admitted that the period of his infection with the disease was one of the most difficult period of time he has gone through adding that the pain he experienced was unbearable.

He also revealed that he has visited various doctors in Lebanon, Germany, London and France aiming to find one doctor who can find a permanent treatment for his condition.

He added that he had to undergo a bone graft, but it was unsuccessful and eventually worked amid repeating it twice.

Al-Hallani indicated that he was forced to continue his artistic activity despite his illness because he was committed to a large number of contracts, including his appearance in the second season of the “The Voice” program, and he resorted to painkillers and cortisone injections to relieve his pain.

He added that cortisone injections had caused his face to swell, which was like a balloon at that time, and this caused him to be bullied by many who accused him of undergoing Botox injections in the face area and doing too much, which made him unhappy and feeling oppressed.

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