Assala Ends the 2-Year Rift and Apologizes to Angham.. Check Out the Latter’s Response

Syrian songstress Assala Nasri has surprised the audience when she unexpectedly apologized to fellow singer Angham after two years of dispute.

Suddenly, Assala posted a picture of Angham and her kids on Instagram and wrote:

‘Without introductions, I want to apologize to the dearly friend Angham for what I said and  miscalculated,’

‘Likewise, I apologize to my sons Omar and Abd al-Rahman [Angham’s children] for what has happened .. Whatever Angham’s response is going to be, I will accept it. We were supposed to support each other in any condition.’

Assala expressed her satisfaction after apologizing, and commented: “I am very comfortable now after I dared to do something I wanted to do for a while.’

Assala Nasri Apologizes to Angham Tarek Al-Arian Ahmed Ibrahim divorce

Within less than an hour, Angham responded to Assala’s apology throughout her official page on Instagram.

Angham forgave Assala and commented: ‘We all make mistakes Assala. And now you’ve recorded that you have the courage to apologize.’

Angham ended her 2-year dispute with Assala, and added: ‘Despite whatever happened, I can’t but to accept your apology and may God forgive what was previously mentioned.’

"Assala Nasri Apologizes to Angham Tarek Al-Arian Ahmed Ibrahim divorce"

Angham’s marriage to Ahmed Ibrahim two years ago was the reason behind the rift between Angham and Assala.

At the time, Assala objected the marriage, because Ahmed Ibrahim’s first wife was a close relative to Assala’s now-ex husband Tarek Al-Arian, and Assala accused Angham of breaking Ahmed Ibrahim’s family and wife.

Assala and Tarek Al-Arian’s recent divorce contributed to her apology to Angham, who she also separated from Ahmed Ibrahim.

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