Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Join Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show With From Home

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Join Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show With From Home

They appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon together from home.

And Ashton Kutcher gave viewers more than they bargained for when he stripped off during his appearance on the chat show with his wife Mila Kunis.

The Two and a Half Men actor, 42, and the Bad Moms star, 36, took part in a game of voice swap where they had to speak while the other person mimed.

When host Jimmy asked Ashton what he was going to do once out of isolation, Mila said: ‘My favourite thing to do is to just go outside naked and run around,’

At this point Ashton stripped off his shirt to reveal his bare chest, as he dramatically mouthed along to what Mila was telling Jimmy.

Mila then said for him: ‘My chest hair is Batman signal. I just have a permanent Bat-signal on my chest and I don’t even know why it’s there.’

During the game the couple were also asked how they were doing, while Mila answered for Ashton on what sort of music he likes to listen to in quarantine.

Mila admitted that her worst fear is Saturday Night Live because she can never ‘hold it together’, as she explained the tears streaming down her face.

Elsewhere on the show, Ashton and Mila opened up about the Quarantine Wine brand they launched last month, which has far surpassed their expectations.

‘You have to do an allotment of cases. So we were like, let’s just play it safe. We bought 2,000 cases. In eight hours, we sold out 2,000 cases. We were shocked.’

Ashton added that they only did one video on social media to promote the wine, with Mila adding, ‘It blew our minds,’ and they had to ‘procure more wine.

Ashton added they’ve raised $1 million, and Mila wants people to ‘keep giving and knowing it’s going to the right places. And toast to yourselves for trying something.’

When Fallon asked how the idea for Quarantine Wine started, Mila revealed, ‘This all happened with doing Zoom dates or Facetime dates with our friends.’

‘I also realized a lot of our friends reached out to us and wanted to know how they can reach out to help,’ Mila said, adding Ashton was working with Flexport at the time, a company that gets PPE materials to hospitals.

‘I realized how good I selfishly felt when I was able to donate, so in a weird way, I just combined two of my favorite things, drinking and donating,’ Mila said.

She added that she contacted their friends at Nocking Point, and the wine came together very quickly.

‘We don’t want money, it’s wasn’t about that. It was just about allowing people to have a way to feel good about themselves, donate their $50 and get something in return, and have some fun with it.’

The wine, a pinot noir from Nocking Point which is available at at $50 for two bottles, is also unique in that it has a blank, white label.

‘We started with, can we just do the simplest thing?’ Ashton said. ‘We see a bunch of people who are like celebrating. This is not a celebration time. This is like let’s buckle down and figure out how to do things.’

At the top of the blank label, it reads, ‘Toasting To’ and you can write whoever you want to toast to.

‘Right now it’s teacher’s appreciation week, so it’s Toast to Teachers,’ Ashton said, while writing Teachers on the bottle as Mila said to take photos of their bottles and post them to social media with the hashtag #QuarantineWine.

Ashton added, ‘We were thinking about doing a wine and our friends at Nocking Point turn things around very quickly. In three weeks, we had a label approved, a trademark, samples, figured out what was going in the bottle, and it was ready to ship.’

The sale of the wine will benefit five charities, Flexport, Give Directly, Direct Relief, Frontline Responders Fund and America’s Food Fund.

‘I had been working with Flexport with the PPE issues and there was a bind between the hospitals and the PPE because they couldn’t fund the orders,’ Ashton said.

‘We selected the American Food Fund, and then Direct Relief, which is another PPE fund,’ Ashton said.

‘We made sure the overhead was small and we wanted to make sure it went to the people who need it,’ Mila added.

The couple also talked about teaching their kids during quarantine, with Mila joking that the kids were occupied during the interview.

‘They have an iPad and some pretzels so you’ve got about 20 minutes, Jimmy, ‘ Mila joked.

They also talked about home-schooling their kids, with Ashton stating, ‘We set up a curriculum throughout the week. We did a week on energy and electricity and how to build things and architecture.’

‘We enlisted our friends to do like 20 minute zoom sessions with our kids, to teach them anything,’ Mila added also gives them a break and gives the kids new teachers.

Ashton says this week they’re doing the ‘skeletal system.’

‘This week one of the questions is how long does it take to get the poop out,’ Mila added.

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