Ashley Graham Shows Off Curves in a Completely Nude Mirror Selfie

Ashley Graham Shows Off Curves in a Completely Nude Mirror Selfie

Just nine months after giving birth to her son Isaac, the 32-year-old Sports Illustrated cover girl smoldered into the camera, as she strategically covered her breasts.

The model, who recently returned to the runway this month for Milan Fashion Week, appeared fresh out of the shower with wet hair and a glowing makeup-free look.

In addition to putting on a very busty display in her bathroom, Graham flashed her  quarter-sized Scorpio tattoo, which hovers just above her pelvic bone.

The wife of Justin Ervin wore a single gold and diamond bracelet on her left wrist and nothing else for the racy snap.

Her post comes just 12 days ahead of her 33rd birthday, which marks her first as a mother.

‘Nakie big girl,’ the stunner captioned the selfie, which garnered 480,500 likes in less than two hours.

In the comment section, hundreds of followers praised her for normalizing real bodies, including Helena Christensen, who commented: ‘Naked beautiful girl’

A few, however, remarked that they wish Graham didn’t use the word ‘big’ as one explained, ‘I see nothing but a beautiful naturally curvy woman in all her glory.’

Another simply commented: ‘Nakie *normal girl.’

Hours later, she shared a topless shot from her son’s birth, which showed her beaming in bed surrounded with the ‘phenomenal team’ who made her ‘labor and delivery so smooth.’

‘Can’t believe Isaac is 9 months today! 9 months in, 9 months out,’ she captioned the shot. ‘We are so lucky to have the support from these amazing women!’

In the photograph, everyone pictured is smiling, while her then-infant is faced toward her.

Graham has long been an advocate for body positivity, and she’s recently been using her platform to showcase postpartum bodies.

Last month, she posted a video of her stretch marks, as she made a heart with her hands over them, captioned with rainbow heart emojis.

She also recently admitted that she enjoyed having some alone time during her work trip, amid quarantine with Ervin, 31, and son Isaac, nine months.

Graham told Self Magazine: ‘I have to say, it was a vacation. It was not what I was expecting — it really wasn’t. In eight months, I hadn’t left his side longer than five hours. And I was really nervous, like, can I do this?’

She continued: ‘Other mothers have done it. They leave their babies even earlier. I was like, ‘Am I gonna feel guilty?’ But I didn’t feel guilty because I knew that I was going for work.

‘I had so much milk that I had already saved up for him, and he was gonna be here with his dad and his grandma, and everything was gonna be fine.’

And the Pretty Big Deal podcast host continued to pump during her trip, adding: ‘Don’t get it twisted — behind every backstage at both the shows and the fittings I was at, I was the girl in the corner, plugged into a pump.

‘A lot of those girls are 18 to 24, 25, and they’re kind of looking at me like, ‘What are you doing?’ So I’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m pumping! This is milk for my baby.’ And they’re like, ‘Oh.’

She later took to her Instagram Story with a photo of her breastfeeding Isaac upon her return home, writing: ‘Reunited after four days!!

Graham and Ervin, whom she married in 2010, welcomed Isaac back in January, and they’ve been isolating on her family’s farm in Nebraska, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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