Asala’s Daughter Sham Al-Zahabi Breaks up With Her Fiancé

Asala's Daughter Sham Al-Zahabi Breaks up With Her Fiancé

Hairstylist Joe Raad revealed in a press conference that Sham Al-Zahabi has called it quits with her Egyptian Dermatologist fiancé Motaz Nassr.

Raad said Asala has informed him about the break up while backstage, filming the Syrian singer’s new song ‘La Testaslem’ in Lebanon.

Joe’s Statement was confirmed when Asala’s Daughter Sham deleted her pictures with Nassr and unfollowed him on social media.

Al Zahabi posted a picture on her Instagram page, the picture featured Sham on the beach smiling, and captioned: ‘Tuning in with nature’s frequency is pretty amazing it’s an ongoing journey filled with battles with the self to try and remain at ease & at peace amidst all that surrounds us from social media, to toxic situations and obstacles along the way.. ‘

She Then Added: ‘ I try to always remind my self, that no matter what is going on.. the purpose of our journey is way deeper within us.. at our very core.. and that’s where our energy should be directed.. to heal within rather than worry about what’s on the surface.. And remember Don’t give up to your battles! ‘

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