As Spain records deadliest day, coronavirus lockdown stirs unrest

As coronavirus killed a record 849 people in Spain in one day, there were signs of unrest as the weeks-long lockdown aimed at reducing deaths and limiting the infection’s spread stirred tensions in the country.

On Tuesday, health authorities announced Spain’s deadliest day yet since the epidemic began, bringing the grim tally of fatalities to 8,189.
Another 9,222 people tested positive for the virus, raising the number of confirmed cases to 94,417 – more than China’s 82,240 but fewer than Italy’s more than 100,000.

Amid the grief, as Spain entered its third week of lockdown, police were accused of using violence to enforce strict restrictions on movement, as hundreds were arrested or fined for flouting the measures.

In one video clip that has been shared widely on social media, officers in northwest Spain’s Basque Country are seen stopping a 22-year-old man and asking him three times why he was out on the street with his mother.

Under Spain’s state of emergency regulations, citizens can only go out alone to buy food, seek medical care, for emergencies or to work in essential industries.

When the man, identified by local media as being of Moroccan background, refuses to explain, officers ask to see his papers.

The film then shows that when the man approaches an officer, he is pushed back to a wall and hit twice with a baton.

Witnesses watching from flats above yell: “Abuse! Abuse!”

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