Arwa Attacks Mona Al-Saber for Exposing Her Daughter Hala Al-Turk Over Money (Video)

Who’s right and who’s wrong?!

Yemeni artist Arwa has attacked Mona Al-Saber, mother of the teenage artist Hala Al-Turk, as she defended the latter.

Arwa revealed that she’s been silently watching the family feud and thinking whether to comment or not, then she decided to say something because the crises are becoming painful and so many people are attacking Hala.

The Yemeni star explained that Hala is still a child and she cannot just file a lawsuit against her mother. She has guardians and people who are taking control of a lot of things in her life, such as legal and judicial matters.

She confirmed that she had met Hala earlier and described her as a child in every sense of the word, denouncing what Al-Saber did.

‘If my daughter didn’t agree to lend me money, I would never ever expose her in public.’

Arwa continued criticizing Al-Saber: ‘I mean, for example, if I have a son, I wouldn’t allow him to marry Hala, according to what I hear from her mother, who says that she has a daughter who sued and disobeyed her.’

Arwa concluded her message, saying: ‘I speak according to my conscience, and may God save me from being in a position where I need my daughter or her money. God damn the money that brings the parents to do this to their children. Doomsday is near for sure.’

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