Artmejo Launches ‘Haki Fann’ Art Talk Youtube Series

How would you like to learn about world art in your simple spoken dialect, how would you like to feel it is most relevant to your everyday life and inner thoughts and sentiments?

The premier of Artmejo’s latest initiative online series Haki Fann (art talk) went live on their YouTube channel talking about artists, artworks, art movements and history from all over the world with a focus on the Arab modern and contemporary scene.  It aims to provide viewers with fun, reliable, free and engaging art-related animated content in Arabic.

The six episode YouTube series, sponsored by a European Union fund, covers issues like why art is important and how it influences people and major art movements like surrealism and impressionism and how they were expressed in Arab artists’ works as well as activism through art as in street art and graffiti style.

Why is Haki Fann essential?

Haki Fann is created to mend the gap between the demand for art-related content in Arabic and the lack of resources readily available online. It is the first series of its kind to present multi-format documentation tackling European and international art history while linking them to the history of Arab art.

Each episode of Haki Fann is translated into both proper Arabic and French in the subtitles and has two adjacent articles on the specified topics published in both Arabic and English on artmejournal, artmejo’s online magazine.

With little available documentation on the region’s art history, it is now vital more than ever to preserve the successes of the region’s pioneers. By teaching their stories and relating their achievements to the grand scheme of the global art world, this series will play a part in preserving the work of the Arab pioneers.

“It is vital for the next generation of Arab artists to have access to reliable resources on Arab art by those who worked in the field before them. Having this kind of educational content available in the Arab world elevates not only Arab art on the international scale, but also the general taste and levels of art appreciation in the region,” Artmejo director Hind Joucka stated.

Who will watch Haki Fann?

Haki Fann covers a wide spectrum of topics within its episodes. It is directed towards both those who are interested in international art history and the Arab region’s culture. The videos are created in an easygoing and fun manner making it even more approachable for audiences not interested in Arab arts and culture to engage with the content.

“The educational videos are also entertaining, making them edutainment videos. This increases our target audience to also include school and university students, non-Arabic speakers and Arabs in  the diaspora,” the video team said.

What is multi-format content?

In order to reach as many audience members as possible and to maximise on increasing Arab art related content online, each episode of the series is presented in various formats to attend to different learner types. While the audio of all videos is in easily understandable non-formal Arabic, all episodes are translated to English and French in the subtitles to attend to non-Arabic speakers. Each episode is also published with two supporting articles on artmejo’s online magazine artmejournal, one in English, the other in Arabic.

These articles go into more details on the videos’ topics providing more room for audiences to learn and engage. Audio files of the episodes will also be present via artmejo’s upcoming podcast platform. Through video, audio and text, artmejo will be able to reach and engage with more audience members.

Future plans for Haki Fann:

Haki Fann acts as a big step forward in artmejo’s plan to increase educational and fun content relating to Arab art history online. “Through atmejo’s video content, we have plans to extend our pool of collaborators and reach by creating various projects. One of which is hosting a series of offline workshops, talks and seminars in local public and private school, art institutions and cultural initiatives. These videos will be used to support the workshop curriculums and talks to provide engaging and interactive material that is available indefinitely,” the platform stated.

Haki Fann team:

Animators: aminutemarvel (Aya Mobaydeen and Darine Al Ashi), Mays Dweiri, Nour Adelbi and Sara Allan, Article writers:Jad Dahshan, Tara Tarawneh and Zina Qabbani, Copywriters: Hind Joucka and Sama Shahrouri, Editor:  Sama Shahrouri, Haki Fann soundtrack: Faisal Tutanji, Researchers: Hind Joucka, Jad Dahshan, Sama Shahrouri, Tara Tarawneh and Zina Qabbani, Script: Hind Joucka and Sama Shahrouri, Series branding: Marah Al Ali, Sound engineer: Amjad Bashiti, Subtitles: Lubna Juqqa and Layan Juqqa, Translators: Layan Juqqa and Saphine Abu Touq, Voiceover: Hind Joucka.

Artmejo is a platform that promotes art & culture in the Arab world through our online presence. They share, discuss and cover events, lectures and exhibitions happening in the local Jordanian art scene. Their work focuses on providing Art Consultation & Curation services to businesses, galleries and individuals.

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