Artists in Asilah Spark Hope of Cultural, Social Recovery in Post-Covid Morocco

Artists in Asilah Spark Hope of Cultural, Social Recovery in Post-Covid Morocco

Asilah, a northern Moroccan town known for its international cultural forum, the Moussem Culturel International of Asilah, will host July 13-31 a plastic arts event, sparking hope of economic, cultural and social recovery after the coronavirus pandemic.

But due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Asilah Forum Foundation will not host its regular activities during its 42nd annual forum this summer. It has however taken advantage of support initiatives enacted by  Moroccan Culture Minister Othman El Ferdaous to organise exhibitions and street art festivals.

“These events were organised to contribute to entertain the citizens through the plastic arts as a tool to resist despondency and depression,” said the Asilah Forum Foundation in a statement.

The event’s programme includes a painting workshop for murals hosted by 14 Moroccan artists, a similar workshop for children and an exhibition of selected artwork by participating artists.

A youth “writing workshop” will also take place, through which murals and writing portraits will document the path of each artist and their experience.

The Assilah Forum Foundation announced in March that its 42nd annual forum will be postponed until next summer. The foundation was an early advocate of preventive measures taken by Morocco to limit the spread of coronavirus. It contributed to the government’s efforts by helping provide direct support to citizens in Asilah and taking part in volunteer solidarity campaigns.

The forum’s organisation of the upcoming art event is part of its efforts to provide a needed outlet for entertainment and expression after the unprecedented crisis, which has had dire physical and psychological effects on citizens.

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