Artist David Ambarzumjan Explores Post-Apocalyptic Realities

With their striking juxtapositions of time and place and questioning of humanity’s influence on our planet, David Ambarzumjan’s vibrant paintings have garnered a huge amount of attention. 

His art combines abstract and surrealistic elements to express his fascination for nature in all its diversity and unpredictability.

David Ambarzumjan was born in 1999. He is a painter living and working in Munich, Germany.

He is known for his surreal landscape paintings that depict two distinct time periods on one canvas. His ongoing series sees present-day scenes with giant, contrasting brushstrokes that sweep through the composition and act as a portal to a previous time.

His ongoing collection of oil paintings in the series “Brushstrokes in Time” is about juxtaposing what was, what is and what may be, exploring different landscapes and places to show how the force of nature and humanity shaped our earth over time.

“This collection showcases how both the force of nature and humanity shaped our planet in sometimes beautiful but also devastating ways.”
David Ambarzumjan 

Ambarzumjan’s unique nature paintings are becoming somewhat of a phenomenon.

In ‘Brushstrokes in Time’ he wants to show how diverse life is and how incredible it is that all this originated from nothing but dust in outer space.

In one painting, titled Recover, the outer edges of the canvas depict a rainy city at night. However, Ambarzumjan’s signature, central brushstroke contains a world where nature has taken back control. A family of deer is depicted thriving in a green terrain, where plants and trees have taken over buildings and roads. In another work, titled Zebra Crossing, a dark, urban scene is interrupted by a glimpse of a post-societal world. A lone zebra crosses where a city pedestrian crossing once was.

Whether he’s looking to the past or imagining the present, Ambarzumjan’s paintings celebrate our resilient planet’s diversity.

His works can be found in private collections and exhibitions all around the world.

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