Ariana Grande Announces She is Launching ‘Orange Twins Rescue’

Ariana Grande Announces She is Launching 'Orange Twins Rescue'

Taking to social media to share the news, the 27-year-old pop star shared a glimpse of the new non-profit, Orange Twins Rescue.

The Los Angeles based organization provides a list of resources for animal lovers and encourages people to foster, adopt, and donate money and pet supplies.

Embarking into the animal activism space, the Positions singer gushed with excitement over the new project.

Speaking about the new venture she wrote, ‘We are so happy, proud and excited, our site comin soon, follow @orangetwinsrescue on instagram for more.’

The organization was founded in part by her creative director and choreographers Brian and Scott Nicholson and Bel Air Grooming owner Asami Kuroki serves as foster coordinator.

Though the website is yet to be fully up and running, the site’s linktree provides a foster application, a link to apply for adoption and showcases a variety of animals in need.

Interested participants can also donate both medical supplies and pet necessities to the organization via an Amazon wish list.

In part with Petfinder, the organization focuses predominantly on dogs and cats who need loving homes.

An animal lover through and through, Ariana herself has almost a dozen pets, even owning a pet pig at one point named Piggy Smalls.

A fiercely protective pet owner, Grande experience a scare back in 2015 when two of her dogs Toulouse and Sirius were mistreated in the UK and barred from boarding a ferry in her tour bus, despite having the proper vaccinations.

Recounting the situation in a very lengthy twitter post , Ariana’s mom Joan shared that the dogs were threatened to be killed and both she and Ariana were threatened with arrest after hours of unwarranted pushback from the French authorities.

‘I understand rules and regulations and I have always respected them.. BUT when it is clear that all is in order and all is good… no one should have the authority to behave as they did.. and do what they did to me or ANYONE..,’ Joan wrote.

A distraught Ariana tweeted in response to the situation as she said, ‘This was unacceptable @poferries pls have your employees treat people /animals w respect. kindness goes a long way….it was indeed a terrible experience. no animal / human should be treated that way.. ever.’

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