Are Washington and London preparing to launch a chemical attack in Ukraine?

The British and American statements about accusing Russia of trying to commit a chemical attack in Ukraine pave the way for implementing this scenario and accusing Moscow, similar to what Western forces, especially the American forces, and their tools have done in Syria on several occasions.

The United States and the United Kingdom were among the first countries to get involved with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and publicize his tense stance on his opponents and threats to Russia. Certainly, after abandoning the latter, Washington and London have other goals and plans, including discrediting Moscow, accusing it of committing humanitarian and social taboos in Ukraine,

Including blaming Russian forces for the chemical attack, which Moscow does not need. It is ahead in the battles and progressing slowly in carrying out its operations and achieving its goals accurately.

Such scenarios Washington and London used to perpetuate in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, and spread rumors, believed them and promoted them, before returning and acknowledging their lies and hypocrisy, but after many years.

Certainly, there are Western scenarios and plans for a chemical explosion that would kill hundreds and perhaps thousands of civilian victims in Ukraine, and use tools and evidence to condemn Russia in the operation, after the anti-Moscow alliance failed to provide the necessary support to Zelensky or trap Moscow in the clutches of sanctions and their negative effects.

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