Architecturally-Inspired Self-Portraits by Photography Duo Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís

They are recognized for their humorous imagery, hand-made props, perfectly executed poses, and interaction with architecture.

Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda are both trained architects who have combined their love for geometry, perspective, and storytelling to become the ultimate creative couple. Based in Valencia, Spain, they have traveled all over the world to seek out the quirkiest buildings, using these facades as their canvases.

Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda are two imaginative Spanish photographers, both born in 1990. They met at the Universitat Politècnica de València, where they both graduated from the School of Architecture.

With Daniel’s experience as an architectural photographer and Anna’s creative background from being a painter and an illustrator before becoming an architect, their combined efforts create fun and surprising images far beyond conventional architecture photography.

Anna is a trained architect who focuses on surrealistic minimalist photography. Anna uses her architectural background “to tell stories through fun and surprising images that are far from conventional architecture photography” in tandem with Daniel.

Although it may seem surprising or hard to believe, besides some basic image processing, Anna and Daniel create these surreal scenes without the use of photo editing software. Their creative process is very handcrafted. Whether it is a personal project or a commissioned work for a brand, everything starts with a sketch. They carefully set the scene in real life using all sorts of everyday objects, unexpected locations, and tons of natural light.

Anna and Daniel sit together and brainstorm whatever it is they’re working on and, while doing that, Anna translates those first concepts into little drawings. These sketches help them figure out how to turn their ideas into reality, acting as the blueprint for their final image. In this part of the process, they find out exactly what needs to be produced for their shot, like a human-sized Tetris piece or a rainbow-colored paint roller, for example. All of their props are handmade and besides some basic image processing in Hasselblad Phocus, they create these surreal scenes without the use of photo-editing software. Instead, Anna and Daniel carefully set the stage in real life using all sorts of everyday objects, colorful outfits, unexpected locations, and tons of natural light.

The duo’s unique style has attracted big brands. With the inventive use of everyday objects and the bright natural light of Spain in their photography, the duo’s unique and unmistakable style has also led them to work with brands such as Netflix, Disney, Facebook, and Pantone, among others.

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