Arab woman stabbed to death in UAE’s Sharjah, police catch killer in two hours

A 20-year-old Arab woman was stabbed to death in the United Arab Emirates’ city of Sharjah, local media reported citing the Sharjah Police General Command.

The police caught the murderer within two hours of the crime.

The woman’s body, stabbed several times, was found in a car.

The police were able to identify the suspect using CCTV camera footage at the parking lot of the young woman’s residence. The footage showed the killer attacking the woman inside her car, stabbing her multiple times.

He was then seen leaving the victim’s car, taking her body with him.

Attempting to run away from the authorities, the suspect was found on a beach where he was arrested. He confessed to the crime due to “personal differences” and has now been transferred to the Public Prosecution.

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