Arab Celeb Couples Who Held Their Vows for all Valentines

We monitored the most steadfast marriages of stars coinciding with Valentine’s Day, as several stars were able to overcome the difficulties and unite in love so that these marriages formed a model to follow in the art community that is dominated by the many divorce cases between couples.

Here are the couples that stood out most:

Abed Fahd and his lovely wife Zeina Yazigi

The star Abed Fahd and the journalist Zina Al-Yazji are considered a special couple in the artists community, not because of their beautiful love story, in which they faced many difficulties and challenges, but because of the steadfastness of their marriage over 19 years ago, during which they had their daughter Luna, who is currently 17 years old, and son Tim, who completed His 11th year.

The couple are now living a very romantic and stable married life, and they always publish family pictures that reflect family friendliness and harmony.

Ahmed Zaher and the beautiful Huda Zaher

A quiet and happy life led by Ahmed Zaher and actress wife Huda Zaher since 18 years, they have a strong love story that survived life problems and difficulties, especially after Ahmad’s serious illness years ago, when Huda supported him and stood by his side until he recovered his health and went back to acting.

The couple have four daughters: “Malak, Laila, Mona, and Nour.” Ahmed’s family is considered one of the most popular families in the artists community.

Assi El Hallani and Colette Boulos

Songster Assi El-Hellani and his wife, Colette Boulos, are on the list of the most stable married couples in the artists community, and their relationship is considered one of the most successful and longest-standing. It has lasted over 25 years. Assi El-Hellani knew his wife, former Miss Lebanon Colette Boulos after she participated as a model in the video clip for his song “Wani Marek Marreyt.” They got married in 1995 and have two daughters and a son; Marietta, Dana, and Al-Walid.

Assi is proud that he was able to form a strong family in addition to his successes in art. He made sure that his wife participated in video clips where he expressed his love for her. Their daughter and son, Marietta and Al-Walid, are now singing and acting professionally.

Rogena and Ashraf Zaki

The couple Ashraf Zaki and Rogena had a special love story since they met, Rogina was a student at the art institute while Asharaf was the professor, and they had an engagement relationship that culminated in marriage about 30 years ago, and they have two daughters: Maya and Mariam.

Ahmed El Sakka and Maha Al Sagheer

Actor Ahmed El-Sakka married journalist Maha Al-Sagheer in 1999, about 22 years ago, after a love story behind the scenes of filming the movie “Saidi at the American University,” where Maha was a student at the university at the time of filming, and the beautiful couple gave birth to: Yassin, Hamza, and Nadia.
Although the couple separated more than once, they always had a way to get back together, and their relationship today is one of the most stable and resilient amongst the marriages of the artists community.

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