Ankara threatens Libyan peace as delays withdrawal of its mercenaries from Libya

Ankara insists, and Erdogan adhers on the survival of the mercenaries he sent to Libyan lands, despite international calls for their departure, seminars, conferences, studies and reports confirming the presence of these mercenaries is sufficient reason to escalate the situation in Libya, and that peace will not be completed as long as it remains on Libyan lands.


He did not notice that there was sufficient American pressure on Ankara to withdraw its mercenaries from Libya and leave this country as it is.

Doubts about the American satisfaction with the presence of Turkish mercenaries are due to what the former American president and role model Joe Biden presented in Libya and Syria by supporting militants and forming and directing extremist Islamic militias.


The two capitals participated in these militias in Syria, where the Turkish intelligence facilitated the infiltration of militants through its territory, and then the United States supported them.


The dropping of weapons to ISIS in Kobani during the Kurdish forces’ attack is irrefutable evidence, and Washington explained, after it was exposed, that the matter was done by mistake.


The hidden American position of Turkish intransigence towards the withdrawal of Syrian mercenaries completely contradicts the international desire to establish a ceasefire and launch reconciliation in preparation for holding elections in a united Libya.


This position and opinion was blessed by the surrounding and European countries, the League of Arab States and the Organization of the Islamic ConferenceWhile the US envoy to Libya, Ambassador Richard Norland, was meeting with the Libyan leaders and the parties in an attempt to consolidate reconciliation, his work also focused on meetings and meetings with Turkish leaders, which indicates a consensus between the two parties to coordinate to restore support for mercenaries, extremists and Muslim Brotherhood battalions to control power in this Country,


And if things reach that conclusion, the political process will end completely, as the followers of the Brotherhood movement have found fierce opposition since they took power in this country, and the economic, security and political conditions have significantly deteriorated, especially after Ankara brought  to Fayez Al-Sarraj’s forces thousands of extremists, and elements of ISIS and Al-Nusra organizations, who were brought from Syria.

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