Angelina Jolie Says Brad Pitt Was Physically Abusive

Brad Pitt told Angelina Jolie one of her children ‘looked like a f**king Columbine kid’ and said she was ‘ruining the family’ during a furious row on their private jet, a bombshell FBI report has revealed.

The Bullet Train star, 58, also clashed with her son Maddox during the allegedly drunken rage that turned into a ‘verbal and physical fight’ between the A-list actors, the leaked document claimed.

Angelina Jolie

 Angelina Jolie and Maddox Jolie-Pitt Source: Twitter: @divine7eminine

Meanwhile, the bureau’s findings, which have not been released in full, suggested he made multiple menaces to her and their six children while onboard the flight from France to LAX on September 14, 2016.

It was the same flight where Jolie allegedly sustained injuries from a physical altercation and gave an agent ‘a photo of her elbow in an attempt to corroborate this.’ Pitt denies all of his ex-wife’s claims.

Pitt’s alleged comment appeared to be in reference to the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, which saw 12th grade students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murder 12 kids and a teacher in Colorado.

Maleficient actress Jolie, 47, requested the release of the FBI documents under the anonymous ‘Jane Doe,’ after submitting a Freedom of Information Act request in April.

In its final report on the investigation, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services concluded that Pitt, who has previously admitted to problems with alcohol, did not physically abuse any of his children. Pitt was also cleared by the FBI of any wrongdoing.

Angelina Jolie

 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s 6 children Source: Twitter: @John_Ryan1

Four days later, on September 19, Jolie filed for divorce from The Moneyball actor. The former couple, who had been married for 11 years, have since been embroiled in a custody battle over their children.

Jolie said there had been ‘tension’ between her and her ex-husband, adding that Pitt’s actions on the private aircraft in 2016 had made her feel ‘like a hostage’ onboard, the FBI report, seen by NBC, further reveals.

He allegedly snatched her before shaking and pushing her onto a wall. The Once Upoon a Time in Hollywood actor then punched the plane’s ceiling, making a hole in it.

After one of the former couple’s children had called their father a ‘pr***’ during the fight, Jolie allegedly attempted to choke Pitt from behind in reaction to what she said looked ‘like he was going to attack’ one of the minors.

Throughout the flight, Pitt was also behaving like ‘a monster’, according to Jolie, as he would complain non-stop and scream at the children.

 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt  Source: AFP: MARK RALSTON / AFP

The actress further claims that the entire family was ‘shell-shocked’ during the flight, adding that she felt as if she was ‘frozen, scared and didn’t know what to do.’

An estimated total of $25,000 in damages was listed by Jolie in the FBI investigation, mostly caused by red wine stains.

The actress also claims Pitt spilled beer on her and that she suffered injuries to her back and elbow as well as a ‘rug-burn type wound’ on her hand.

Pitt, on the other hand, had only sustained a ‘scratch’ from the incident, which she wrote ‘could have been from her.’

Until May 2021, Jolie had full custody of all six children. A California judge, however, granted Pitt joint custody at that point, over four and a half years after proceedings first started.

However, in July, Los Angeles superior court judge John W. Ouderkirk was taken off from the dispute due to concerns over his impartiality as he did not fully reveal his business relationships with Pitt’s attorneys.

This resulted to changes in the custody arrangement, reverting back to the previously agreed November 2018 terms, where Jolie has full custody while Pitt has ‘custodial time’ with their children.

Angelina Jolie

 Angelina Jolie and her kids  Source: Monica Schipper / Getty images North America Getty Images via AFP

Sources close to the Moneyball actor believe Jolie only filed the lawsuit against the FBI in order to bring press attention to the allegations against Pitt, claiming that she’s already had the requested information for years, as per TMZ.

One insider said that Pitt was cleared because there was ‘not a shred of evidence’ to support Angelina’s claims.

Jolie and Pitt – whose marriage collapsed in 2016 – are parents to six children. Aside from Maddox, now 21, they also share twins Knox and Vivienne, 14, as well as daughters Shiloh, 16, Zahara, 17, and son Pax, 18.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and her children including Maddox Jolie-Pitt, Source: AFP / TANG CHHIN SOTHY

At the time of the filing, high-profile attorney Amanda Kramer, who is representing the plaintiff, told Politico her client filed the suit anonymously to ‘preserve the family’s privacy.’

The filing alleges the woman’s children have ‘experienced lasting physical and mental trauma’ after being ‘verbally and physically’ assaulted by her then-husband while flying on a private plane.

It also alleges Jane Doe has filed numerous requests for a copy of the department’s investigative file in hopes of ‘better understanding the FBI’s investigation and obtaining information necessary for her children to receive medical care and trauma counseling.’

Brad and Angelina became a couple in 2005 when he infamously left his first wife Jennifer Aniston for her in a scandal that riveted the world.


Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt, Source: @MalaikaIrfan – Twitter

They waited nearly a decade before they tied the knot in 2014 at the Chateau Miraval in France – the site of the winery they are locked in a court battle over at present.

Jolie’s revelation is the latest in the celebrity exes spat as it was reported earlier this week that Pitt pushes to see his six children as often as possible despite how ‘hostile’ it has been with his ex-wife.

A source told Us Weekly that in July, Pitt ‘flew to Italy for the twins’ birthday and that meant a lot to them.’ This comes after he made a ‘big fuss’ of Shiloh on her 16th birthday in May, the site added.

‘She’s so smart,’ Pitt had said of his daughter. ‘She’s going to flourish even more at college. It’s an exciting and beautiful time to find her own way and pursue her interests.’

Although Jolie reportedly still has custody of the children, Pitt ‘pushes to see them as often as possible wherever they all are in the world,’ the insider said.

‘Brad cherishes every moment he gets with the kids. He loves being a parent and has tried to make the best of a tricky situation given how hostile it’s been with Angelina.’

Since Pitt and Jolie began squabbling over custody, Pax and Maddox have reached adulthood, and Zahara will join them in January.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Maddox Jolie-Pitt Source: Twitter: @Rationa51725786

When his marriage disintegrated, Pitt quit drinking, and shortly thereafter he told GQ that before he dried out ‘I can’t remember a day since I got out of college where I wasn’t boozing or had a spliff, or something.’

Earlier this summer, Pitt told British GQ that as his marriage was crumbling, he suffered from a recurring nightmare for years where Jolie would stab him repeatedly.

He told the magazine:  ‘For a solid four or five years there, the most predominant dream I would experience would be getting jumped and stabbed.

‘It would always be at night, in the dark, and I would be walking down a sidewalk in a park or along a boardwalk and as I’d pass under an Exorcist-like street lamp, someone would jump out of the abyss and stab me in the ribs.

‘Or I’d notice I was being followed and then another flanked me and I realized I was trapped, and they meant me grave harm. Or being chased through a house with a kid I’d help escape but got pinned in on the deck—and stabbed. Always stabbed. And I would awake in a terror.

‘I didn’t understand why it/they would want to hurt me. This stopped a year or two ago only when I started going straight back into the dream and asking simply why?’

Another Us Weekly insider claimed he has privately ‘been lamenting to pals’ about how long the legal battle has dragged on and suspects Angelia ‘will never agree to joint custody and is going to run out the clock until the kids are 18.’

He is said to believe Jolie is plotting for the children to ‘want nothing to do with’ their father as adults – but per the source: ‘Brad will not give up the fight.’

Although they became legally single in 2019, their custody battle has raged on, in addition to which they are also fighting over the winery they co-owned in France.

Recently Jolie has denied Pitt’s claims that she sold her stake in his French vineyard for malicious reasons, after the actor accused her in court documents of trying to destroy him.

She and Pitt bought the property together back in 2008, and have hosted parties at the winery over the years. The couple even got married at the South of France chateau.

But after they split, Jolie sold her half of the thriving Chateau Miraval winery in October to a company run by Yuri Shefler, the owner of the company that makes the flagship Russian vodka Stolichnaya – renamed Stoli.

The company is a subsidiary of Stoli Group, meaning it is ‘indirectly owned’ by Shefler, who is based in the United Kingdom.

Pitt then filed a lawsuit against the Maleficent actress earlier this year. In it, he accuses Jolie of trying to damage him by secretly selling her stake to ‘a Russian oligarch’ with ‘poisonous intentions’ – which allegedly include a plan to take complete control of the multi-million dollar business.

He claimed the sale represented ‘a massive international liability’ given Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and said Jolie’s motivation for the sale was to ‘inflict harm on Pitt.’

A source close to Jolie, though, has now refuted those claims, telling PEOPLE: ‘Mr. Pitt’s lawsuit is an extension of a false narrative, and the truth of the situation has still never been made public.

‘After the events that led to Ms Jolie filing for divorce, and her years devoted to caring for their children, Ms Jolie and the children have not been able to return to the property, and she made the difficult decision to sell her stake in the business,’ the unnamed source said.

They claimed that Jolie ‘made multiple offers to her ex-husband, and knowing the business will be inherited by their children, she found a business partner with experience in the alcohol industry.

‘It’s unfortunate that after she properly and legally exited the business, Mr Pitt is entangling her in multiple lawsuits,’ the source said.

But a source close to Pitt said the argument did not make sense, claiming: ‘The best way to retain value for the family would have been for one of their parents to retain ownership of an increasingly valuable asset.

‘There’s a lot more value in a family owning 100 percent, than 40 to 50 percent,’ the source noted.

Despite the ongoing disputes with his ex-wife, Pitt appears to want to keep moving forward as he was reportedly dating model Nicolle Poturalski briefly.

The Bullet Train actor has been seeing a new woman, but is not in a ‘serious’ relationship, a source told People in July.

‘He’s dating, but is not in a serious relationship,’ the insider said about the Hollywood icon who was previously wed to Friends vet Jennifer Aniston and engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Along with turning heads with his casual dating, Pitt also made waves after dishing out $40million for the historic D. L. James house, known as ‘Seaward,’ that overlooks California’s stunning central coast.

The A-List actor bought the 1918 home in the celebrity haven of Carmel last month, in what is believed to be the highest priced property ever to be sold in the area.

Locals are reportedly thrilled to have another big-name celebrity in their midst, especially after the iconic property has sat empty for years.

Pitt is reportedly a big fan of Craftsman-style homes, which could be why he has purchased his latest bachelor pad.

Known as the D.L. James House, the property was designed by 20th century architect Charles Sumner Greene.

He designed the property on a piece of land owned by infamous author Daniel Lewis James, who wrote ‘Famous All Over Town’, naming the property on the Carmel highlands after him.

It has been owned by Searock since 1999, a limited liability company tied to the late Chicago financier Joe Ritchie and his wife, Sharon Ritchie.

The luxury property, which is just meters from the beach, boasts a ‘wooden aesthetic’ and is built from locally quarried sandstone and granite.


It has arched windows, with bricks ‘individually chosen’ by Charles Greene, and a tiled Mediterranean-style roof.

The Gamble House, an organization dedicated to the work of Greene and Green, the firm put together by Mr Greene and his brother Henry, say that the property is unlike the siblings’ homes in Pasadena.

According to the organization’s website, as part of the design Mr. Greene ‘built up the outer walls so that they appear to be growing out of the cliffs.’

Photographer Alexander Vertikoff snapped the exclusive pictures of the property in 1997.

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