Amy Schumer’s Cesarean Section Took ‘Over 3 Hours’

Amy Schumer's Cesarean Section Took 'Over 3 Hours'

Amy Schumer’s Cesarean section took “over three hours.”

The 38-year-old comedienne suffered with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) – severe nausea that results in weight loss and dehydration – throughout her pregnancy earlier this year so opted to have the medical procedure to deliver her now-seven-month-old son Gene, but her battle with endometriosis meant the surgery went on for nearly two hours more than it should do – and she was sick for an hour of that.

Speaking on Dr. Berlin’s ‘Informed Pregnancy’ podcast, Amy said: “Even through the birthing centre has an operating room and doctors at the ready…my instincts were just like, no. I want to go back to Manhattan. I was throwing up through the whole first hour of my C-section. It’s supposed to take about an hour and a half or something but mine took over three hours because of my endometriosis.”

For the entire nine months of her pregnancy, Amy battled with HG and she had to rely heavily on her husband Chris Fischer to keep her “alive.”

She explained: “Just being off birth control, I have since found out that I have endometriosis and adenomyosis, so being off birth control was really tough on my body, and so I was in pain, I was in a lot of pain.

“And I just was emotionally depressed for probably a couple weeks, and I was just taking it out on my husband. [Chris] was great, I mean, with how awful my pregnancy was he was basically my home attendant and had to keep me alive. And he handled it really well.

“[The psychologist] was incredibly helpful to us too. He’s on the spectrum, and she’s his psychologist who diagnosed him, and she’s also our couple’s therapist, and she was just really helpful during the pregnancy.”

Luckily for Amy, as soon as Gene was born, the sickness went way “immediately”.

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