Amira Al-Nasser Arrested.. Her Husband Mishaal Al-Khalidi Holds 3 Female Stars Responsible

During the past few hours, social media was buzzing with the news of imprisoning Saudi social media star, Amira Al-Nasser, after her husband, Mishaal Al-Khalidi, announced the news in a video.

Mishaal Al-Khalidi published a video on Snapchat alongside his little girl while sobbing, announcing that Saudi authorities had arrested his wife, because of a number of famous social media stars.

Al-Khalidi said that he does not know what to do with his young children, and who would take care of them in the absence of their mother, and held the following stars responsible for what happened with his wife; Shams Al-OstouraAtheer Al-Helweh, and Rahaf Al-Qahtani known as ‘With Nakha’.

Followers interacted extensively with the news of Al-Nasser’s imprisonment, and Amira’s name topped the trending list on Twitter, and some saw that she deserves punishment, and others demanded that her husband be tried as well.

On the other hand, many defended Amira and her husband and demanded her release so that she could return to take care of her children as soon as possible.

Several accusations against Amira Al-Nasser were recently initiated by Saudi social media star Rahaf Al-Qahtani, after she announced that she was ready to pay a check for one million riyals if Al-Nasser proves that her young daughter Rahaf is officially registered.

In addition to Rahaf, a number of famous social media stars started attacking Amira Al-Nasser and revealed some secrets, such as the video of a person who claimed to be her former lawyer, in which he announced that Amira’s real name was Khadija Al-Da’our, and that she is of Syrian nationality, adding that 99% of the information spread about her is not true.

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