Amid war, Ukraine tries to boost arms sales

The Soviet-era Kub surface-to-air missile system once proved lethal to dozens of Israeli Skyhawk and Phantom fighter jets during the 1973 October War – and shot down an F-16 during the 1999 NATO bombings of Serbia.

Saddam Hussein, Bashar al-Assad and Muammar Gaddafi bought plenty of Kubs – a system that consists of radar-carrying vehicles, missile launchers and spare missiles.

The system’s retrofitted version can take down stealth bombers and drones, its developers say.

But this version was not developed in Russia.

It was unveiled in January in Ukraine – a nation mostly associated with the faltering military that let Russia annex Crimea without firing a single shot and cannot win back the breakaway Donbas region from Kremlin-backed separatists.

And, of course, former US President Donald Trump’s first impeachment was triggered by his suspension of crucial military aid and arms exports to Kyiv – especially the portable Javelin missiles that were effective in destroying separatist tanks.

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