American Nurse Suspended After Racist Comment on George Floyd Protesters

American Nurse Suspended After Racist Comment on George Floyd Protesters

An Illinois nurse who made a controversial comment about running over George Floyd protesters is now out of work. 

The nurse – who has not been publicly named – was suspended from the Catholic OSF HealthCare System earlier this week following complaints about her incendiary remark, which she posted on Facebook.

On Friday, an OSF spokesperson revealed the nurse was no longer employed in their system. It is unclear whether she was fired or quit after being put on suspension.

It is believed she worked as a registered nurse at the OSF HealthCare St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria.

According to, the nurse made the controversial comment as a reply on another person’s Facebook post.

The Facebook post read: ‘If I’m driving down the road with my horse trailer behind me. No matter who you are. If you’re in the road ‘protesting’ I will run you over. I will not stop. I will not brake. I will not hesitate. I’d rather go to jail than have you injure or scare my horses.’

The nurse replied: ‘Thought about this on my way home the other day. Protesters make great hood ornaments.’

The Peoria Journal Star reports that the St. Francis Facebook page subsequently received complaints about the nurse.


‘Yes, we have freedom of speech, but to threaten someone’s life because you don’t support what they support is evil,’ one complaint read.

‘People are allowed to express abhorrent views online. But if you hold those views, you MUST not be allowed to serve in a position of power anywhere, for any reason. And we the people are done letting it happen,’ another stated.

Another person, Jere Murry echoed similar sentiments in an interview with on Saturday.

‘It’s extremely disheartening to know that someone in the helping field particularly a nurse would be bold enough to send a message like that on social media for everyone to see’.

Murry told the publication her daughter was recently a patient in the OSF HealthCare System and now ‘questions the integrity of its employees’.

‘I certainly wouldn’t want any of my loved ones to receive any kind of patient care from someone who is comfortable making those discriminatory statements,’ Murry stated.

OSF spokesperson Shelli Dankoff released a statement which read: ‘As previously shared, a Facebook comment made by one of our Mission Partners did not align with our values. That person was immediately suspended, and as of today, is no longer with our organization. Words and actions that seek to marginalize or harm others have no place within our Ministry. ‘

Hundreds of thousands of people have participated in protests across the country calling for police reform in the wake of the death of black man George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer.

Floyd died Memorial Day after Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes as three other officers watched on.

All four cops have been charged.

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