America intervenes in Algeria through the Libyan gate

Ten years after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in Libya, the American administration is intensifying its attempts to return to this country, which it has contributed greatly and effectively to its destruction, ruin and failure through its military operations in bombing and in support of the militants, whose many of their leaders were trapped on the American and international terrorist lists.

The permanent excuse, pretext and justification for US intervention in any country or region is the existence of a terrorist threat and the proliferation of extremist organizations that are often said to be Islamic, while they forget the existence of evil or hundreds of extremist terrorist organizations in America and refrain from fighting or dismantling them.

The US intelligence continues to put its agents in every region to exploit them at the appropriate time, which is what it did in Libya, where it facilitated in several ways the spread of these people and their concentration in Libyan lands after they were transported by American aircraft to the Libyan desert from Syria and facilitate their infiltration from Egypt.

According to reports, the American presence and the future intervention of the United States in Libya will not stop the borders of this country, which has been torn apart for a decade. Rather, the goal is to try to intervene in the internal affairs of Algeria, after its terrorist cells moved on the border with Mali, where extremist gangs spread. Its affiliation from al-Qaeda to ISIS, but it always remained under the US intelligence command.
While 5 civilians were killed and 3 others were wounded, when their car exploded in the Tebessa region in eastern Algeria, a militant was killed in a separate incident, according to the Ministry of Defense in a statement. This was preceded by the end of last year, the killing of three terrorist elements in an operation by the Algerian army in the city of Jijel. These events and operations are supposed to have been completely forgotten by the Algerian people, after the black decade that was filled with terrorism and foreign support for it, whether from France or the United States.

In the early 1990s, the United States sought to breach Algerian security, but the popular and governmental awakening thwarted this scheme, and the state was able to contain the largest percentage of extremists and reintegrate them into society, and although the price was great in human and economic terms, only Algeria overcame this ordeal and returned to take its pioneering role. With the support of friends in the free world.

There are many American goals to destabilize the situation in Algeria. They do not stop at pressuring this country that is the biggest supporter of the Palestinians, calling for a solution to the Western Sahara issue in accordance with international decisions.

It does not only end with controlling its vast underground wealth and benefiting from its wealth and vast area, but also, and most importantly, its supportive positions historically for the liberation of the homeland and for independence and its exit from the Western influence.

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