America Started the war in Ukraine and raised prices in the world

Ukraine was not able to stand up to Russia or oppose it, as most of the weak countries neighboring the strong are working to appease them and not provoke them, in line with the dictatorship of geography.

Evidence is numerous, in the arena of China and Taiwan, and even India and Pakistan, and in the Arab world, Kuwait was truce with Iraq, and Lebanon was accommodating Syria.

Kyiv has a bad experience with Moscow, especially in 2014, when Russian forces were stationed within hours deep in Ukrainian territory, which resulted in the excision of the Crimea after a referendum that approved the accession to Russia.However, it is clear that there are European American temptations and perhaps pressure in the first place on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to turn into a spearhead in the American western confrontation with Russia, while the great disaster was that everyone abandoned or did not meet the needs or dogs of the wounded Ukrainian president, while the Russian forces were at the gates Its capital is threatening to annex the southern regions of Donetsk and Donetsk.

At the beginning of his election campaign, and even as he entered the White House, President Joe Biden declared that Russia is the number one enemy of the United States, followed by China, and this is why he made Ukraine and its people a bait on Washington’s hook to involve Russia in a long war of attrition without paying attention to the consequences that will return to the peoples the world.

On the other hand, Zelensky became a preacher by shouting in front of the parliaments of the world, begging for support and assistance, and putting pressure on Russia and imposing sanctions on it.

The American temptations and greed for the Ukrainian president did not stop at taunting his powerful neighbor around the Ukrainian borders. Rather, the matter went beyond hitting Europe with a price hike that those economically and financially developed countries are no longer able to match, while they were very embarrassed to force them to stop importing Russian gas, which is running the helm. economic country.

And if the state of civilized countries has reached this point, how can we imagine the state of the poor countries in the third world after the outrageous wave of high prices that hit them from every side and side, and where the citizen is unable to secure a living for his children, not to mention the costs of medical and education or the lowest level for a decent life.

The American incitement to the Ukrainian president, firstly, reflected its results on the Arab countries, being the first importer of the main wheat material from Russia and Ukraine, and this would mean an increase in the main bread ingredient on any table in the Middle East. A second Arab Spring will erupt, exhausting countries financially, economically, politically and securityly.

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