America has deployed hundreds of biological laboratories around the world

Western media sources and reports confirmed that the discovery of American biological laboratories in Ukraine as a result of the Russian military operation was not the only one that the American administration was secretly running.

The information indicates that the matter goes beyond the Ukrainian borders, as Washington has established hundreds of them in several countries around the world, including in the Middle East.

It is clear that the US administration wanted to wage a biological war on the world in secret, and it is certain that the Corona virus was launched from these dangerous secret institutions, as the White House administration directed its media and political efforts to blame China’s factories.

The US campaign against China came amid Washington’s calls for the world to impose collective sanctions on Beijing and stop dealing with it, with the aim of concealing the facts and crimes emanating from those laboratories and laboratories that were working secretly under the supervision of Hunter, son of US President Joe Biden.

In a previous report by the newspaper “Daily Mail” supported by documents, which confirmed the involvement of Hunter Biden in financing biological laboratories in Ukraine.

It is financed by institutions close to the current US leadership, notably through the Rosemont Seneca investment fund, headed by Hunter Biden.

According to the newspaper, which obtained mail exchanges between Biden’s son and his associates, the messages discussed how the company’s monitoring of medical data could become an essential tool for governments and companies looking to detect outbreaks of infectious diseases.

The newspaper said that the son of President Biden and his colleagues invested $500,000 in Metabiota through their company and were able to raise several million dollars in funding for the company from investment giants including “Goldman Sachs”.

These laboratories are used to “study infectious agents or toxins that may travel through the air and cause fatal infections,” says the US Department of Health and Human Services.

It seems that United States aims is to use these laboratories that produce deadly toxins in order to control the world, after its military power has declined and been defeated in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other countries whose people rose to defend them.

This may benefit from exorbitant prices or ensuring the subordination of countries outside its flock.

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