All For The Kids: Italy Donates $3.5 Million to UNICEF Lebanon

The Italian government Friday reaffirmed its support to Lebanese children by donating $3.5 million to UNICEF Lebanon.

The donation will serve as an immediate response to children affected by the devastating Aug. 4 Beirut Port explosion among other educational and child protection services.

“The funding of [UNICEF’s] Humanitarian Action for Children allows an effective response to the immediate needs of children and their families affected by the consequences of the explosions that occurred in Beirut on Aug. 4, 2020, particularly in the Education and Child Protection sectors,” said Donatella Procesi, director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Beirut.

The fund will help secure necessary equipment to 90 public schools which will ease the return of children affected by the port explosion to their schools as well as serve as a psychosocial intervention to victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation.

“UNICEF continues to work on the ground providing humanitarian assistance and today the needs continue to be immense and acute. We are grateful for the valued and continuous support of the Italian government to provide children with access to education and protection services,” said Yukie Mokuo, UNICEF’s representative in Lebanon.

The Italian government has provided more than $13 million to UNICEF Lebanon since 2012 which has helped support interventions and programs that target vulnerable children and women in the country.

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