Al-Hayba Al-Rad Finale: Jabal Kills Nimr Al-Saeed.. But What Happens to Rania? (Pictures + Videos)

Season 4 of Al-Hayba; Al-Hayba Al-Rad, is over with the announcement of season 5 at the closing scene ‘Al-Hayba new season soon.’

The last episode began with a fight between Jabal and Nimr Al-Saeed in the presence of Rania Omran.

During which, Rania stabs Nimr with a piece of iron and he fights back by shooting her, prompting Jabal to intervene and kill Nimr Al-Saeed.

Meanwhile, Rania asks Jabal for forgiveness, then he orders his men to save her life, following that he hangs Nimr’s body in Al-Hayba village yard just like what the latter did with Al-Mukhtar’s body.

Shaheen forgives Ali in front of everyone, declaring that he no longer wants revenge, especially since Ali had saved his life multiple times.

Jabal leaves the choice to Issam to leave the country to Syria or to stay in Al-Hayba village, but the episode ended without revealing Issam’s decision.

Zidan’s identity remained a mystery; for even when he asked to meet with Jabal in Nimr’s house to solve the issues between them, he was blown up and killed by the bomb that Nimr had left underneath the chessboard.

Rania’s destiny was not disclosed in the final episode either, although other characters were seen going back to their normal life, such as Abu Ahmad holding the mayor’s position, in addition to Bashir, Ahmad and Samir going back to their jobs.

The final seen saw Jabal standing next to the car, where his wife and son were killed, set on fire as an expression that he avenged them.

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