Al-Hayba 5 Bids Farewell to Mona Wassef ‘Umm Jabal’ (Picture)

Al-Hayba crew has said goodbye to its leading star Syrian veteran Mona Wassef, who plays ‘Umm Jabal’ in the franchise, Taim Hassan’s on-screen mother.

Al-Hayba director Samer Al-Barqawi published a memorial picture of the crew in Al-Hayba Square, accompanied by Mona Wassef, wishing her long life.

Samer wrote: ‘In season finale, the family of Al-Hayba – Jabal bids farewell to Umm Jabal on her last day of filming the show. Long live your life, Mrs. Mona.’

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Despite the recent disagreements between Syrian actor Owais Mukhalalati, who played SakherJabal’s brother in the previous seasons, and the production company, Owais commented on the picture: ‘A long life is for the dear Umm Jabal, and may permanent success remain your ally.’

On the other hand, Mona Wassef has expressed her sadness at the end of Al-Hayba, and said in a press statement: ‘It is sad to say goodbye to people who have become my family. We have been united by love and sincerity at work over five consecutive years, from the producer to the director to the actors and to the youngest worker in the team.’

As for whether her character ‘Umm Jabal’ will undergo drastic changes as the story is heading towards the end, Wassef pointed out that it will remain the same.

‘The two states of sadness and joy will live to the fullest extent, without affecting her strong personality, and her relationship with Jabal will remain a mixture of motherhood and guidance and leadership.’

Mona Wassef has a strong relationship with the star of the show, Syrian actor Taim Hassan, and she stated in several interviews that she feels that “Jabal” is her real son, saying in jest that her own son calls her ‘Umm Jabal’ too.

Filming the last season of Al-Hayba is in full swing to finish the remaining scenes to premiere it on Shahid VIP this October.

According to clips from the promotional advertisement, it is clear that the plot will take a different curve by attacking ISIS, and the possibility of Abdel Moneim Amayri having a connection with them.

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