Ahlam Receives Special Message from Oman’s First Lady.. Check It Out

Ahlam’s fans aren’t commoners only, they are royals too.

Emirati singer Ahlam is still harvesting the success of her latest album “Fadwa Ayounak”.

And one particular royal admired Ahlam’s 2021 album. It was Sultan of Oman’s wife, Sayyida Ahad bint Abdullah bin Hamad Al Busaidiyah, The first lady of Oman.

The Eminent Sayyida sent Ahlam a regal congratulatory message hailing Fadwa Ayounak album.

In return, the Emirati singer was honored and touched by the first lady’s tribute, and wrote a lengthy tweet to thank her.

Ahlam wrote: ‘The congratulations of the venerable Mrs. Ahd bint Abdullah Al Busaidiya, wife of His Majesty the Sultan Haitham bin Tariq bin Taimur Al Busaidi, may God protect and care for them, is an honor and a brooch on my chest.’

She added: ‘The official speech of Her Majesty is a marking in my heart which will remain indebted to her forever. Thank you from the heart.’

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