After Burkini.. Tommy Hilfiger Offers First Hijab

After Burkini.. Tommy Hilfiger Offers First Hijab

Fashion industry is becoming more diverse than ever with models of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Runways are embracing modest fashion as well.

American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger announced the launch of the first headscarf shortly after releasing “Burkini” modest beachwear, specifically for Muslim clients in the Middle East.

“We are far behind from what we should be in achieving diverse representation,” he said in a statement. “It should not take us this long to acknowledge that, but we are determined and committed to changing it in the future.”

The veil is made of lightweight jacquard fabric in a soft gray color, and the laurex strings leave it with a delicate shine.

Because the scarf is especially designed to be worn as a head cover, the veil is light enough to penetrate the air, and its large size allows those who wrap it to wear it easily and elegantly, and the scarf has the initials of “TH” logo printed in a gradient pattern.

Hijabs are available in ivory and light gray colors, and now available for purchase in select stores in Europe and the Middle East, as well as the brand’s online store at a price of 69 euros ($81).

This is not the first time that Tommy Hilfiger has designed outfits for modest women, as the designer recently launched a Burkini line promoted by veiled model Halima Aden.

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