Adorable Video of Dubai’s Crown Prince Calling Over his Favorite Camels

Adorable Video of Dubai's Crown Prince Calling Over his Favorite Camels

Dubai’s crown prince is known for being an animal lover and this viral video of his camels kissing him on the mouth certainly proves it. 

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum posted a video on Instagram of the hilarious moment he called over his camels as he sat in his Mercedes.

The obedient animals, named Emaar and Fares, wander over to the car and put their heads through the window.

The Sheikh says, ‘Come here Fares, come here Emaar,’and Fares duly walks over and sticks his head through the window.

Al Maktoum then says, ‘Fares, get Emaar. Go get Emaar,’ and the camel ambles off to retrieve his pal.

They both walk over to the Sheik who says ‘Emaar come here, come here, come here’.

Both camels are rewarded with a treat before the Crown Prince announces that he has no more left.

The animals appear to kiss before leaning through the window to plant a smacker on the Sheik’s lips as well.

According to local media, the Crown Prince of Dubai is an animal lover who regularly posts images of him posing alongside horses, dogs, giraffes, gazelles and others for his army of online followers.

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