Adorable Moment: Dog Struggles to Keep Awake After Going on ‘Standing’ Road Trip With Owner

Adorable Moment: Dog Struggles to Keep Awake After Going on 'Standing' Road Trip With Owner

This is the adorable moment a knackered dog struggled to keep his eyes open and kept dozing off.

Heart-melting footage shows the four-year-old Samoyed, nicknamed Dan Dan, falling asleep while standing on the car seat after going on a road trip with his owner.

The furry tourist’s sleepy face was captured on camera by the pet owner from southwest China’s Chengdu city and amused hundreds of thousands on social media.

The Chinese woman and her husband had gone on a trip with their Samoyed during the National Day holiday in China, an eight-day celebration combined with the mid-Autumn Festival.

The national holiday, starting from October 1, has seen hundreds of millions of people flocking to scenic spots in China to enjoy their first major holiday after the country claimed to have contained its COVID-19 outbreak.

But the Samoyed appeared to be particularly exhausted after the holiday as he is captured on camera nodding off as the family was on their way home.

Dan Dan is seen in an adorable video having a snooze while standing on the car seat.

The furry tourist briefly opened his eyes but quickly gave in and dozed off again as he leaned against the door while resting his head on the window.

Hundreds of thousands of social media users were amused by the Samoyed’s sleepy face after its owner shared the footage on Chinese TikTok-like Douyin on Monday.

One commenter wrote: ‘Quick, put the baby to bed! Give him a pillow and cover him with a little duvet.’

Another one said: ‘This is the true meaning of dog tired!’

The footage comes as another video of a ‘tough’ American shorthair kitten showing its Corgi sibling who is the boss of the house has gone viral in China.

The four-month-old cat, ‘Seventeen’, is seen in a hilarious clip stopping the two-month-old pup, nicknamed Beng Beng or ‘Bouncy’, from leaving its cat house.

Apparently, this is not the first time Seventeen has taught Bouncy a lesson.

Other videos shared by their owner shows the feisty little feline wrestling and kicking the puppy during playful fights.

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