Adorable Elephant Steals Woman’s Hat, Hides it in Its Mouth

A hilarious moment was caught on camera where a woman at a wildlife reserve had her hat stolen by an elephant. 

The woman, who has not been identified, was standing in front of the giant pachyderm who grabbed her hat.

The woman turned around after her hat was stolen and pleaded with elephant, known as Mac, to return it.

The incident happened at the Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservancy outside Harare, Zimbabwe.

After a few seconds, Mac pulled the hat out of his mouth and returned the hat, which had been slightly crushed by the elephant.

The woman began laughing as a result of her misfortune.

The wildlife centre is 90 minutes outside Harare and features elephants and rhinos.

According to the park: ‘Our mission is to protect endangered wildlife in Africa and support the conservation of all wildlife.

‘We strongly believe that rural communities and conservation programmes can thrive side by side, working together to ensure the protection of our natural heritage.

‘At Imire, our aim is to enhance the relationship between tourism, conservation projects and communities. We do this through long-term sustainable environmental management and community projects that have a positive and lasting impact for all.’

The woman isn’t the first person to have suffered elephant related theft.

A farmer in the Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima province, central Thailand was helpless when an elephant stole hay from his truck.

As he senses something is not quite right, the driver of the lorry stops and the gigantic creature wastes no time in nabbing a bale.

It then kicks it apart, playfully flinging bits of it over his back before chomping on some as a snack.

As the male elephant plays with its food, the lorry driver cautiously drives off, followed by a stream of vehicles.

Park boss Kanchit Srinoppawan said he had asked an employee to go and buy the hay to help mark out the route for a marathon that was due to take place in the area.

He said he was surprised the elephant had picked exactly the right moment to wait by the road.

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