Adham talks mental health, marriage and retirement

Earlier this week, Adham Al Nabulsi took to his official Youtube page to respond to all the questions asked amid his retirement.

In the almost 10-minute video, the former singer shared new details regarding his decision to take a step back from the music industry.

Al Nabulsi began the video by apologizing to his followers for being absent in the recent weeks, and claimed that he made the video to answer all questions being spread around social media.

The 28-year old shared that many people believe that ‘living the dream’ and being ‘famous’ is not what everyone thinks, its not all glamour and excitement.

He said: ”on social media, people share what they want to share, and do not reveal what goes on behind closed doors, most of the celebrities live normal lives, like any other human, they get sick, they get sad, and they get their fair share of happiness.”

He added: ”It’s not right to look at the lives of celebrities and try to be just like them, especially if this person shares stuff that is not within the lord’s acceptance.”

Adham went on to say that he used to feel like a part of him was missing, saying, ‘When I used to finish a concert, I used to try and show people around me that I was okay, and that everything was alright, but when I go to my room by the end of the day, I’d feel alone, I’d feel tired from pretending that I was okay’.

Al Nabulsi shared that he suffered mental illnesses during that time, emphasizing that the difference between how he feels now, and how he felt before is an indescribable feeling, he said: ‘right now, I feel like I’m touching happiness itself, and simple things are making me smile, and thank god, I couldn’t be happier”


Adham Al Nabulsi continued by thanking his friend and family for their unbelievable support with his decision to leave the music industry behind, and focus on religion and being a better Muslim.

He said: ‘my mom was my biggest supporter, god bless her soul’.

And for the first time ever, Adham confirmed that he is married, saying that her name was Lina, and that he tied the knot 4 years ago, and that his wife doesn’t have any pictures nor social media.

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