Adham Nabulsi Reveals The Reason Behind His Retirement

Adham Nabulsi decision to retire from music was a shock to his fans, especially after he reached a high peak in his fame.

The ‘Khayef’ hitmaker appeared in a live broadcast with the Jordanian social media influencer Lawrence Al-Mansi on “Instagram”, and talked about the reasons for retiring from art, and why he took this step and who was responsible for it.

Nabulsi indicated that he decided to retire from music after he read the comment of a follower on “Twitter”, where one of the users posted a tweet attached to a picture of Adham during one of his concerts and wrote “What did Adham Nabulsi say”, and the comments that quoted words from his songs flooded, However, one account commented: “what have you done to earn a place in heaven after all this?”

The singer explained that after reading the comment was ‘a slap in the face’ and the singer claimed that he felt some kind of awakening.

Adham said ‘and when a man really thinks about it, and what I did with my life to get the Lord’s acceptance, it is a really healthy thing, and after a while, it all becomes better’

He added that the comment came at its right time, as at that time he felt that he was not fulfilling God’s wills, social media users interacted with Adham’s statement as one wrote: ‘really, you see alot of photos and sometimes you see tweets that are related to The Holy Quran as it touches you and changes you as what happened with Adham Nabulsi.

Social media users began mentioning influential situations from their lives, and one of them wrote: “Once a few months ago, I was up late, and bored and was not in the mood for anything, not even for sleep, then I went and prayed from the bottom of my heart and after than, everything good happened within a spam of a few months.”


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