Adele’s album 30 is the Fastest Selling in 2021

Adele achieved a rare accomplishment in which her new album ’30’ has become the fastest-selling album of the year so far.

The album was released on November 19th, it has sold 261,000 copies this week.

’30’ is Adele’s first album since 6 yeas, thus it became the best-selling album in the first week of its release during the year 2021, as it achieved sales during the first week alone of 800,000 copies.

And “30” became Adele’s fourth album, and it topped the British album sales chart, which preceded it by releasing titled albums “25”, “21” and “19”, which also returned strongly this week to the list of best-selling records, and took the fifteenth positions, eighteen, and thirty-first.

For the sixth week in a row, the 33-year-old singer, composer and author maintained her lead in the singles race with her new song Easy On Me, breaking her personal record that she had achieved through her song Someone Like You when she remained in first place for five weeks.

Adele chose the title of her latest as a reference to her age when she began recording it 3 years ago, she started working on the album during her experiencing a series of turmoil between her divorce and the sudden cessation of her artistic career.

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