Adele Looks Fascinating as She Shows Off Her 7 Stone Weight Loss

Adele Looks Fascinating as She Shows Off Her 7 Stone Weight Loss

She recently unveiled her epic seven stone weight loss, which came following a diet of ‘green juice and 1,000 calories a day’.

And Adele continued to showcase her slimmed down figure as she slipped into a sparkly leopard print dress while partying at Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Oscars after party on Sunday night.

The Hello hitmaker, 31, looked sensational in her glamorous ensemble as she posed with a journalist for an Instagram snap during the star-studded bash at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

Posing up a storm for the camera, the star oozed glamour in her eye-catching dress, which drew emphasis to her narrow waist.

The chart-topper added a touch of bling with large gold hooped earrings, while she coated her face in a sleek palette of make-up which served to highlight her slimline jaw.

Completing her look, Adele swept her blonde tresses into an elaborate up do’.

The mother-of-one was in good company at the party, with other A-list attendees including Reese Witherspoon, the Kardashians, Charlize Theron and Jessica Alba.

In the Instagram post, the journalist described her encounter at meeting the Hometown Glory singer at the star-studded post-Oscars bash.

She said (translated from Polish): ‘At yesterday’s private party of Beyoncé and Jay Z I talked to Adele about … shoes (Adele in the photo after dropping probably 30kg!)’

Speaking further about the heavily guarded party thrown by the power couple, she continued: ‘Only about 200 people, in a small club space, with the best music, with a ban on taking pictures (the above is a post-party exception).

‘The street is closed and guarded, entrance through the kitchen door, so that no one can be photographed. A party where everyone can chill out and go crazy! Everyone gets at the entrance … slippers (I have not entered this option) and plays without embarrassment until dawn.’

Continuing to discuss her encounter with Adele, she added: ‘It started with a conversation with Adele about my high heels (she urged me on the slippers she had on her feet). Honestly, I didn’t recognize her because she is thin now as a comma! We talked laughing until she said her name ..

‘The conversation with Adele was the ticket to a nice conversation with Rihanna. And then there was total madness!’

The singer has wowed fans with her weight loss, which she first unveiled over Christmas and also showed off during a holiday to Anguilla with Harry Styles earlier this year.

It is believed the Rolling In The Deep hitmaker transformed her physique after a dietary overhaul but was inspired to do so for her son, Angelo, seven.

A source told People: ‘She got to the point where she didn’t feel great. She knew she had to change something, because she wants to be the healthiest mum possible.

‘Her whole focus during the weight loss journey has really been all about how she can be healthier and how can she treat her body better. It was never about losing weight.’

In January, Adele’s former personal trainer has shed light on the superstar’s seven stone weight loss, revealing she achieved her slimmed-down physique by sticking to a strict diet of ‘green juice and 1,000 calories a day’.

‘Brazilian body wizard’ Camila Goodis gave a unique insight into the gruelling regime that has helped the musician shed the pounds during an episode of Lorraine, explaining she adopted an austere approach to mealtimes and stuck to daily workouts.

The Los Angeles-based personal trainer revealed the changes to Adele’s body are largely down to significant decrease in her calorie intake, cutting the recommended daily allowance for females of 2,000 calories by half.

The instructor, who describes herself as ‘a Brazilian body wizard’, was introduced to Adele through Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda and even gave them a joint workout in the former Take That star’s Los Angeles mansion.

Her online biography says she uses ‘a variety of Pilates and core strength training exercises’.

She recalled: ‘When she came for a work out I didn’t know it was her and when she left I thought “Oh it looks a little bit like Adele”.

‘She looks amazing – she’s changed her lifestyle and diet.’

Speaking to The Sun in January, the fitness coach claimed the singer’s weight loss is mostly down to dieting because she doesn’t like exercise.

‘I trained Ayda [Field] for a long time and it happens that they are good friends so I did Adele when she was there in Robbie’s house,’ she said.

‘I don’t believe she liked exercise much but she has changed her lifestyle and I believe that 90 per cent was dieting.

However, the diet was later slammed by fitness guru Alice Liveing, who claimed that ‘no credible trainer would agree to this.

She hit out at Camila in a fiery social media rant for promoting a green juice diet and ‘riding on the coat tails of a celebrity client.’

In an impassioned post, personal trainer and nutritionist Alice, who goes by the name Clean Eating Alice, said: ‘For the record, no credible trainer would agree to their client eating only 1,000kcals a day.

‘No credible trainer would suggest green juices to be the elixir of good health. No credible trainer would/should share this confidential info for their own gain.

‘I have trained celebrities in my time and when asked in interviews about said clients, I have always remained silent because of client confidentiality, their privacy and the fact that that is their information to share, not mine.

‘These ‘so called’ celebrity trainers need to realise that putting someone on a 1000 calorie a day diet and an intense workout regime doesn’t make them a good trainer.

‘It makes them the instigator of seriously disordered eating habits and the health repercussions that accompany it.’

It comes after college student Lexi Larson, 19, recently spoke to people and claimed that Adele told her she’s lost ‘something like 100 pounds’. 

Lexi crossed paths with the singer at the Blanchards Restaurant and Beach Shack in Anguilla.

She said: ‘She said she lost something like 100 pounds, and that it’s such a crazy positive experience. She seemed so happy, and she looked amazing.’

The teenager said that the singer’s weight loss was evident as she met her in the eatery.

Lexi added that Adele did not want to take a picture with her as Angelo was present at the time, but did bring over Harry to chat to her group of pals in the restaurant.

She revealed that she and a group of pals spoke with the British stars for around 15 minutes and discussed college life and their future plans.

Back in October, Adele joked that she ‘used to cry but now I sweat’ in an Instagram post, as details of her overhauled fitness regime emerged.

It’s understood that her huge transformation has been a result of reformer pilates, using weights in the gym, cutting down on sugar and also following The Sirtfood Diet.

The regime focuses on plant foods, such as kale and buckwheat – which help to suppress appetite and activate the body’s ‘skinny gene’.

The diet’s creators claim that following the Sirtfood Diet will lead to rapid weight loss, all while maintaining muscle mass and protecting you from chronic disease.

Followers of the diet go through two diet cycles that last for three weeks – following specific recipes and plans – and they are then encouraged to continue adding as many sirtfoods as possible into their food.

However, Healthline report that although the low-calorie diet may kick-start weight loss, it is too short to have a long-term impact on health.

Speaking in June, sources claimed Adele’s her new workout regime had given the vocal talent a ‘new lease of life’ following her split from ex-husband Simon Konecki – with whom she shares son Angelo.

Adele confirmed her split from Simon in April 2019 and filed for divorce in September

The vocal powerhouse and Simon first began dating in 2011 and welcomed their son the following year, before tying the knot four years later.

Back in 2015, Adele revealed she had switched to a healthier lifestyle in order to keep her voice in good condition.

Discussing the weight loss that accompanied her diet overhaul, she told Daily Life magazine that her new figure was the result of a ‘f***ing boring’ diet and gym sessions.

She admitted that she’d cut out alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine, as well as ‘spicy, citrusy, and tangy’ foods, and is now a fan of smoothies.

‘It’s f***ing boring, but I don’t think you take your voice seriously until you’ve an accident,’ she said, referring to her 2011 vocal haemorrhage. ‘I’m frightened all the time I’m going to damage my voice.’

Adele went on to tell Australia’s 60 Minutes: ‘I’ve always been asked questions about my body and my weight and my size and my style and stuff like that.

‘And I totally understand… It’s a little bit annoying that men don’t get asked that question as much.’

She went on: ‘But other than that it seemed to astound people that I was plus size and being successful, that was how I felt.

‘I don’t make music for eyes I make music for ears… I don’t care anyway. You don’t see music, you listen to music, so what does it even matter?’


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