Adel Imam Has Alzheimer’s?

Egyptian personality Sherif Helmy has denied rumors that Adel Imam got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

The fake news circulated on social media and news sites during the past 24 hours.

And the drama writer Sherif Helmy shared the latest updates in the media industry, and these details have been previously discussed between him and the actor Adel Imam during a visit to Imam’s home.

Helmy said that he sat with Adel Imam, accompanied by a number of people, and a discussion took place on all matters of the media industry.

Adel Imam, also known as ‘The Leader’ opened up about his relationship with Muhammad Abdel Wahab, Faten Hamama, Heikal, Youssef Daoud, Ahmed Ratib, Abdel Rahman Al Khamisi, Abdel Halim Hafez, Al Rihani, Ali Al Kassar, Fouad Al Mohandes, and others.

Sherif said: “The leader talked about the most beautiful memories, drinking tea with milk, one cup after another, and our laughter was super loud and he did not stop making jokes.”

Sherif Helmy Denied Rumors of Adel Imam Having Alzheimer’s

After news circulated on social media sites and news media stating that Adel Imam was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Sherif Helmy took to his social media page to deny the news.

Helmy stated: ”The day before yesterday: the mobile rang at one in the afternoon: I woke up at the ringtone, and I did not even check who was calling, and I said:’Hello… who?”

He added: ”a voice said: ‘Where are you Sherif? and I replied saying I’m on the bed, and soon after, I recognized his voice that it was Imam, ‘good morning leader’ I said, ‘I’m at home, and then Adel Imam asked me to meet him at the gym”.

Helmy added: “I woke up, prayed for the noon prayers, then I got dressed, and directly went to his house in Mansourieh. And the I entered the gym, he greeted me as usual.”

He explained: ‘We sat, as usual, in the presence of the dear Hussein Tawfiq (father of the artist Ruby), and a few minutes later, the amazing Issam Imam attended, as usual, also welcomed the visit was Ahmad Muqbel, who is the husband of Adel Imam’s daughter.”

Sherif said: ”and the conversation revolved around the media industry”

He added that the visit was super productive as they discussed plays and drama in TV, in addition to talking about wonderful memories while sipping tea with milk.

Earlier, Egyptian journalist Mohammad Al Baz confirmed in a statement that actor Adel Imam has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and that he can’t get back to work and filming.

And soon after the Alzheimer’s rumors, Adel’s brother Issam confirmed that Adel does not have any disease and that he is perfectly healthy, focusing on Alzheimer’s saying it was all just rumors.

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