Abu Dhabi, Israeli Film Productions Shake Hands on Cooperation Deal

Abu Dhabi, Israeli Film Productions Shake Hands on Cooperation Deal

The Abu Dhabi Film Commission, the Israel Film Fund and the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film and Television School have signed a cooperation agreement for training and production, a joint statement said on Monday.

The agreement includes plans for an annual regional film festival rotating between Abu Dhabi and Israel.

Plans for a regional film festival to showcase Emirati and Israeli productions and co-productions were also announced on Monday.

“This agreement strengthens cultural ties between our creative industries as well as supports the development of Abu Dhabi’s film and TV sector,” Mohamed Al-Mubarak, chairman of twofour54 and Image Nation Abu Dhabi, said in a released statement.

“The art of film is a universal language which can serve as a bridge between cultures and people,”. Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad, executive director of IFF added. “I believe this is a wonderful opportunity for collaboration through which we can learn, create and become closer to our neighbors in the Middle East.”

The agreement is based on four key initiatives, including on bilateral workshops, training, education, the International Film Lab and a regional film festival.

Training programs will be developed for filmmakers from both countries, with the aim of developing Abu Dhabi-Israel film and TV co-productions.

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