A Year After Beirut Blast Three Babies Celebrate Their Birthday Thanks to a Heroic Nurse

Pamela’s composure courage after the explosion went off has been praised worldwide. Her heroic actions saved the lives of three premature infants. 

Pamela Zeinoun walked five kilometers to get the infants to a hospital outside the blast zone. She picked her way through the debris to extract them from smashed incubators.

One year after the catastrophic explosions, the horrific image still haunts her.

Inside “I was panicking”, she says. Amid the havoc of bleeding medics and patients, the 26-year-old had extracted the premature babies from smashed incubators and was desperately trying to keep them alive.

On August 4th, 2020 nurse Pamela Elias Zeinoun, was working her shift at Saint George Hospital University Medical Center in Beirut when an explosion occurred.

She managed to pull the three babies from incubators before a long and hard journey of running out of the hospital, along with one father and his baby who were on the same floor.

“I couldn’t think of protecting myself, because the babies were under my protection. I was okay, so I needed to help.”

Looking back on her actions, Pamela Zeinoun said she was driven by fear of losing the babies.

“I couldn’t feel my feet while climbing down the slippery stairs. I was scared of slipping, or any of the babies slipping, or me falling on them. I did not want to lose any of them and wanted to get them to safety,” Ms. Zeinoun said  to The National News

One year after the deadly explosions rocked the Beirut port she hopes that people can bring justice to all who were affected by the explosions.

The hospital is barely half a kilometer from Beirut port and bore the full impact of the massive explosion that damaged half of the Lebanese capital, killed at least 158 people, and wounded more than 6,000.

Estimated as one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions recently, the explosions had a major impact on the country’s economy while plunging lots of people into psychological distress.

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