A Most ‘Insane Stamp’ of a City Still Reeling Under The Devastating Tragedy

A Most 'Insane Stamp' of a City Still Reeling Under The Devastating Tragedy

The Lebanese are trying to put the devastating Beirut blast behind them as they slowly rebuild their city, a little more than two months since the tragedy occurred.

But the country’s post office has captured the dramatic explosion in a limited edition stamp costing LBP10,000 ($6.63) with the proceedings going to the Lebanese Civil Defence, angering some people at the decision to launch the stamp when investigations have been delayed and few questions have been answered.

“Someone needs to get fired over this tasteless LibanPost Beirut Blast stamp,” Mustapha Hamoui tweeted.

Another Twitter user, Joelle Bassoul, wrote: “Some perspective to this totally inadequate move: #Beirut had ran out of stamps post #blast as we repaired and needed every bill stamped for tax reasons. You won’t see me queuing to buy this one.”

At least 200 people were killed, more than 6,000 were injured and more than 300,000 were made homeless following the massive Aug. 4 blast at the Port of Beirut. The explosion, as well as leveling half the city, prompted the resignation of Prime Minister Hassan Diab and his government.

Mischka Mourani said on Twitter: “The view from our balcony. Were I not convinced this is an act of trite idiocy, I would say it is a manifestation of the *banality of evil.* Shame on whoever signed off on this project. And, by the way, no one has volunteered to rebuild our broken home *together* with us to date.”

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