A Man Chops His Wife’s Head and Then Carries it to The Police Station

A Man Chops His Wife's Head and Then Carries it to The Police Station

An Indian husband walked to a police station in India carrying the decapitated head of his wife who he beheaded after accusing her of having an affair.   

Chinnar Yadav attacked his wife Vimla with a sharp weapon after a heated argument in which he accused her of being unfaithful with their neighbour, according to police.

After killing and beheading his wife, Yadav was then filmed carrying her severed head to their local police station in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The shocking video clip shows him walking down the street holding a weapon and his wife’s bloodied head by the hair in the Neta Nagar area of Banda district on 9 October.

It is thought that Yadav also injured his neighbour in the attack after accusing the pair of infidelity.

The video clip ends as Yadav is about to enter Baberu Police Station to surrender. On arrival, police arrested him and recovered the murder weapon.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mahendra Pratap Chauhan said: ‘After a heated argument, the accused attacked his wife with a sharp weapon, killing her and then beheading her.

‘After which he carried his wife’s severed head to Baberu Police Station where he surrendered.

‘The accused was arrested and the weapon was also recovered from him by the cops.’

Similar scenes were captured in Uttar Pradesh in February when another man decapitated his wife and walked through the streets singing the Indian national anthem.

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