A Kuwaiti ‘Kiss of Life’

A number of health club owners and workers expressed their satisfaction with the decision to reopen these facilities, considering the decision as ‘a kiss of life’ that saved their last breath after the closure decision inflicted heavy losses and pushed them almost into bankruptcy.

The owners told the daily they are totally committed to the rules and regulations of public hygiene and precautionary measures, and will not allow anyone to enter the premises unless the person wears a face mask and after ensuring the person’s temperature is normal.

The owners added, the clubs contribute to protecting society from the repercussions of infection with the virus because sports are one of the important means to strengthen the immune system.

Kuwaiti, Saud Al-Kandari speaking to the daily said he welcomes the decision to resume activity in health clubs, so that he can practice sports again after he was deprived of it for a long time, especially since health clubs make a person remain committed to practicing the sports under the supervision of specialized trainers.

Another Kuwaiti said he was astonished when the decision was taken to close health clubs some time ago and rued his inability to exercise, which led to him gaining weight somewhat, but reopening them was like a return of the soul to the participants, especially as exercise strengthens the body’s immunity.

The official in one of the health clubs, Muhammad Badr, said health clubs in Kuwait suffered heavy losses during the closure period, because they were forced to pull down the shutters and the accumulated rents added to their woes.

Adel Al-Ibrahim, a health club owner, pointed out the decision to allow health clubs to practice their business was 100 percent correct, as the owners have already suffered heavy losses, because in some cases the rent of the health club is not less than 5,000 dinars on an average.

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